Ideas create possibilities

Digital products and platforms have reshaped the business playing field. That’s why in the digital democracy a business with the right idea and the right entrepreneurial spirit, can flourish regardless of its size or location in the world. And it’s not just the shiny new ideas that create dynamic growth opportunities – old ideas digitally reimagined can also transform your business. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Technology turns them on

Technology used to be the idea, now it’s part of our everyday life, whether it’s the social media platforms that help us stay in touch, the mobile app that makes getting a taxi easy, or the media product that conveniently delivers entertainment on demand. The one thing that these diverse products have in common is that their technology functions below user consciousness. For us, ‘wow’ is now a seamless user experience where speed and beauty go hand in hand.

Design makes them human

The most successful digital products create an efficient exchange of value between producers and users. But the heart of these commercial eco-systems is not technology, it’s people and that is where Innx has a competitive edge. We use unique consumer-centric modelling tools and rapid prototyping methods to quickly understand the user actions and attractions. Saving you time, money and allowing for a more focused and accelerated process.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

INNX is an end-to-end digital innovation company. We create, design and code digital products and platforms. And when we say end-to-end we mean it.

A digital agency will always deliver you a digital solution but they can’t help you define how to competitively enter the market place or isolate the most attractive feature. We know the difference between a functional platform/product asset and a communication asset. Innx can also help develop business plans and strategies for digital transformation.

No digital agency can master all disciplines. Our skills are uniquely suited to projects where the pathway is less well-trodden and the road map has yet to be written. Our processes and methods are transparent, validated and nimble.


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Yes, we create and develop our own products. We believe the entrepreneurial spirit keeps the company focused and sharp. We also believe that the firsthand experience of marketing our own products ultimately leads to more qualified decision making

Hub Intro

Think of it as a GPS for your
marketing assets

Hub About

Innx Hub.
Find, manage and activate your marketing assets

As marketing departments wrestle with the complexities of the new media landscape, behind the scenes the real digital disruption is keeping track of the diverse assets and elements that are required to operate in multiple media channels. INNX Hub is like a GPS for your marketing assets. The Hub is not software or a cloud based file-sharing system like Dropbox. INNX Hub is a new generation web-based platform created by Marketers for Marketers and has been specifically designed for the purpose of managing and sharing marketing assets. INNX Hub offers control and peace of mind as your brand assets travel with your brand, not with the creative agency, digital platform partner, SoMe agency, design agency, media partner or other external team members. INNX Hub also provides a robust platform for onboarding new department personnel and continuity in the case of key personnel changes.

INNX Hub manages all file types and even has the ability to view, store and play digital banners. It also incorporates the latest generation AI file & image recognition so finding assets is as easy as storing them. INNX Hub uses the Google Firebase database security so you know your assets will always be safe and secure.

  • Next generation asset management

  • Intuitive AI file/search recognition

  • Omnichannel optimized

  • Google Firebase database